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    Who we are

    A multimedia production company developing and producing film, TV, theatre, computer games and comics, Orev’s fundamental principle is – good stories, packaged as pieces of meaningful entertainment. Orev is an open-collaboration creative hub and we’re honoured and delighted to be working with many talented people.

    Our vision

    Like the ‘walnut’ (orev = walnut), in many cultures a symbol of fertility and abundance as well as hidden wisdom, Orev develops many ideas and creates productions that work in layers – entertaining and pleasing to the eye, our stories also carry layers of delicious substance for those digging deeper.

    What we do

    • Feature Films
    • Short Films
    • Commercial Work
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    The Team



    For both his writing and directing work, Sasha has won several awards and nominations as well as enthusiastic audience reactions and critical acclaim. As a producer, his most notable achievement is the international theatrical release of his first feature, the acclaimed dance-drama DANCE WITH ME.
    Sasha’s sci-fi short DEFINING FAY, has won a Best Sci-fi and a Cinematic Achievement award and has just been granted development money to be adapted into a feature film. GREEN PAGES was one of Orev’s first productions, which Sasha wrote, produced and directed. This remarkable short comedy, winner of Best Director and Best Cinematography awards, is a 17 minute single-take adaptation of the phone book. THE APPOINTMENT was a short drama Sasha wrote and directed, which had a UK theatrical release of 40 prints (35mm).
    Sasha also directs broadcast drama and writes and directs theatre. The stage production of PROJECT SNOWFLAKE has won much critical and audience acclaim and, more recently, Sasha has been commissioned to write and direct THE LINGUIST, a new play for a theatre company in Rotterdam. Sasha has over 20 years of experience writing, producing and directing short-form commercial work – TV ads, corporates and virals.


    Film, TV and theatre professionals and artists

    Orev is an open-collaboration creative hub. We enjoy excellent working relationships with a great number of film, TV and theatre professionals and artists, as well as production companies in the UK and across the globe.

    What our people have in common is exceptional talent, top professionalism and great passion for the creative process, so apart from exchanging ideas, support and practical help in our work and theirs, many are also brought in to work with us more closely according to the needs of a particular production.