• New course for 2017 – AUTHENTICITY

    Some people believe in passionate arguments; others rely on facts and figures. But what good is either if we don’t trust the person delivering the message? When a person lacks authenticity, we intuitively
    distrust them, or at best we don’t accept them. When that happens, we dismiss their message, too.

    We can’t be truly persuasive if we lack authenticity. More important than reason or data, authenticity permeates everything we do – pitching a project, applying for a job, gathering support, rallying teams,
    handling conflict and difficult conversations.

    Authenticity can be learned and improved upon.

    In a practical and highly motivational, interactive short course, we’ll examine together what being authentic really means. We’ll look at some of its key components such as being present, charismatic, charming, genuine. What effect we’re having on other people and what can we do about it? How do we gain and maintain trust? How do we make people relaxed and comfortable in our company? We’ll also look at how to deal with nerves and shyness and demonstrate authenticity regardless of the situation or one’s personality.

    To book a group workshop, or a 1-on-1 mentoring session, get in touch via info@orev.co.uk / +44 7973 883 687 / http://sashaorev.tumblr.com/

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