Are you preparing an important pitch?
    Are you not sure if it’s working, yet? Perhaps it’s working okay, but you can sense it’s lacking that little bit of… magic. Perhaps it needs some extra potency to cut through the resistance you know you will encounter from your audience. Let us help.

    Having a great idea is not enough.
    Many a great idea never took off because it didn’t excite people; they couldn’t ‘see’ or ‘feel’ the qualities that made it great. Meanwhile, many a mediocre project succeeded in gaining support right from the start. Why?

    You have to pitch it right.
    A great project only becomes possible when lots of people get excited about it. Whether you’re producing a film, promoting a new service, or setting off on a campaign of major change and disruption in your organisation, the perfect pitch isn’t only clear and convincing. The perfect pitch makes your own faith in the project contagious; it makes people want to help, or even join in.

    PITCH SURGERY sessions
    are practical, insightful and highly motivational workshops with our Pitch Expert. Whether your pitch needs those minor tweaks that make all the difference, or substantial restructuring, the Pitch Expert will take a fresh, objective and in-depth look at all the elements of your pitch and help you make it truly powerful.

    The Pitch Expert creates a constructive and supportive environment
    in which to brainstorm, examine and improve the way you communicate your idea, always mindful of tailoring the pitch to your unique circumstances – your audience, the market or organisational climate you’re working in and the specifics of your project.

    Pitch Surgery Silver – half-day session for up to 3 people
    Pitch Surgery Gold – full-day session for up to 5 people
    Pitch Me Perfect – half-day intensive pitching course followed by Pitch Surgery dedicated to a specific project.

    Who is the Pitch Expert?
    Sasha Damjanovski is an award-winning producer, director, writer with 20 years of experience in film, where pitching is a daily activity, and in business communications. He is also a part time lecturer at Central St Martins in London and collaborates with organisations such as D&AD, National Film and Television School, Simply-Communicate.com, Soho House Group and others.

    To discuss your specific requirements, costs and to make a booking please write to sashacd@orev.co.uk, or call (+44) 7973 883 687.

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