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    feature film
    drama / dance
    written, produced & directed by Sasha Damjanovski


    Alice and Neil should be having an idylic time in their summer house in the country; she working with her dancers and he sipping on his tea by the lake.
    Except this isn’t a holiday. Neil is on leave from work, pending further tests in his mysterious condition, and Alice, well she has her own problems.
    There’s no doubt of their love, but, are they actually helping each other or just making things worse? And is Neil’s ‘plan’ really the solution?

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    The film was released theatrically in the UK and Macedonia in 2010. It is now available on the following platforms -


    ★★★★ EYE FOR FILM, Caro Ness
    This is a thought provoking film that teases one’s perception of behaviour with frustrating persistence…
    It was clearly shot on a shoestring, with minimum set changes and a strong emphasis on dialogue, or lack of it, supported and enhanced by exceptional cinematography, as the camera sweeps across the landscape with a loving brush and softens the sharp, angular edges of the dancers with deliberation…
    It is a film that refuses to let itself be overlooked…
    Bravo Sasha Damjanovski and your dedicated cast and crew. You have conjured a gem from nowhere!

    EXTRA EXTRA, Mary Couzens
    In terms of acting, this film is top notch, with Johanne Murdock as translucent, alternately fierce, underlyingly fragile Alice, in charge at the start, gradually unraveling thereafter, and Adam Napier as Neil, seemingly doing the reverse, depending on which character’s viewpoint we are accessing the story from…
    This is as intriguing a turn of events as I’ve seen on the big screen, and an intentionally misleading one, with the viewpoint of each of these two characters guiding us through the story in turns…
    Do see Dance with Me, especially if you enjoy great acting. You won’t be disappointed.

    THE OXFORD TIMES, David Parkinson
    This is a simmering saga that piques the interest as Damjanovski archly withholds and reveals crucial information about couple’s respective conditions…
    Napier and Murdock do well in difficult roles…
    Most impressive of all, however, are Damjanovski and co-cinematographer Eloise Parfitt’s views of the house and its adjoining lake, which commendably suggest a lost paradise.

    THE GUARDIAN, Catherine Shoard
    Around the time someone utters the line “I think you’re going fucking mental and I think you should call the fucking shrink” you start to clock: this isn’t just low-budget bizarre, it’s completely, mesmerically insane, like listening to the Archers then realising all the voices were just in your head.

    Utterly tense, beautiful and strange. – Claire Davies, UK

    It’s the kind of film that makes you want to talk about it, afterwards. – Virginia Evans, CAN

    A deceptively simple but Powerful Film! – Nina Voelker, Germany

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen a film that has touched me like this, it’s beautiful and sensitive and thought-provoking and is still playing on in my mind. – Sabine Fochler, Austria

    I keep bringing the film up in conversation as it’s such a clever yet natural way to portray real human relationships. I did indeed find myself dancing with this film. – Ryan V.Q. Koriya, Zimbabwe

    I watched it twice and it hit me hard both times! A beautiful fusion of dance with film. – Alexandra Wood, UK

    Such a beautiful film… I got lost in it. Can’t believe you can hold a viewer with such a simple cast, set, scenario etc for a whole feature length. It was like a book I didn’t ever want to end. Poignant, tender, uncomfortable… Johanne [Murdock] was fantastic! And I loved the dancing! – Ali Robins, UK


    Written & Directed by
    Sasha Damjanovski

    Produced by
    Sasha Damjanovski
    Simon James Collier
    Ashley Pugh
    Lucas Manley

    Johanne Murdock
    Adam Napier
    Ismael Ludman
    Guggi Zuzakova
    Jane Stanton

    Directors of Photography
    Sasha Damjanovski
    Eloise Parfitt

    Keith Wright

    Music by
    Nikola Kodjabashia

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