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    feature film
    Sci-fi / thriller
    Written by Sasha C. Damjanovski


    An original sci-fi concept, with a deeply moving human story, DREAMER is the next stage in the development of an idea that started as a short film. In 2012, Sasha C. Damjanovski wrote and directed DEFINING FAY, a sci-fi short which went on to win two awards and many extremely enthusiastic reactions from audiences at film festivals and screenings around the world. (World sales handled by Shorts International.) Sasha has now developed the core idea into a feature film, a sci-fi thriller that – like its short predecessor – tells an original and deeply human story. DREAMER will appeal to wide international audiences, beyond the well-established sci-fi fan base.


    The streets are buzzing with rumours of a controversial new invention. The Dreamer is a terrifying A.I. capsule. When a person goes in, the Dreamer uploads their mind into Entity. Man becomes code and lives forever, whilst the body he leaves behind is incinerated by the Dreamer, leaving no trace. It’s suicide and eternal life, in one neat package. 

    FAY HAHN wants the Dreamer for her multinational pharma company. REN, the techno freedom hacker who designed it, refuses to sell his soul to the devil. The clear attraction they feel for one another, infuriates both as their world are so far apart. It’s all very love and hate until Ren himself uses the Dreamer and becomes code. How do you love a code? What’s a girl to do when a robot says he loves you and dives in to save you from grave and imminent danger.

    And there is a lot of danger coming after Fay. Everyone wants the Dreamer, as she starts to question her loyalties.

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