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    TV Series
    sci-fi – romance
    created by Sasha Damjanovski


    Space-city of New NY, near future. An incredible new invention can record people’s dreams. And yet, its young inventors – Martha and Jeremy – are in trouble. The corporation wants the device to make people dream only happy dreams – safe, non-offensive, upbeat visions such as being a snowflake, floating gently in the sky. Our heroes are producing perfect recordings, but the dreams recorded are far from safe, they’re silly, unpredictable, and quite frankly, embarrassing visions of the two of them falling in love.

    The corporation steps up the pressure. Either Martha and Jeremy deliver on their contract, or they’ll face the worst consequences – deportation to Earth, that terrifying cesspit of grime and crime. The frightened couple faces a tough choice – comply or rebel; turn their ‘baby’ into an instrument of social control, or keep on dreaming of love and all the reasons why they must defend it. Each decision heavy with the burden of its own dramatic consequences.


    Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition (1100 entries)

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