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    feature film
    magic realism / comedy
    written by Sasha Damjanovski


    Alex is a waitress by night and a will-be great app designer, by day. A great young woman, but a little lost in her career as well as abysmal love life. One day, she wakes up from a weird dream involving a cute blue dress and a mysterious man who saves her from grave danger from some menacing dancing mannequins.

    But weird has only just began. The next day, she sees that exact dress on a market stall. A dashing business man is trying to buy it and is having an argument with the ‘alternative type’ guy selling it. Convinced that this is an omen, Alex buys the dress and, somehow, finds herself giving her phone number to both men.

    Pretty soon, both Rich and Vince are deeply in love with Alex. But contrary to everyone’s opinion, she isn’t double-dating. She’s honestly, cross-her-heart truly trying to choose, it’s just that they each treat her so well, appeal to different aspects of her. Rich is helping her organise her career plans, Vince is helping her discover art, stuff she never thought she’d be good at. She’s learning about herself from each relationship, she’s growing and she’s loving it.

    Until, Rich and Vince find out about each other. Will Alex destroy the blue dress, or will the blue dress destroy Alex?

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